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Our Practice

Phoenix Health Center

With a 17 year experience of serving several methadone clinics and assisting start up services at health departments and private practices, Dr. J. Ramsay Farah felt that the profession and the field had suffered enough with restrictions and misconceptions. It was prime time for a comprehensive approach to address a chronic disease with a medical model that encompasses management of every facet with integrity, compassion, evidence-base medicine and psycho-social integration. Starting a new Institute was the solution. The conventional clinics could not provide treatment for dual diagnosis. Consequently, patients had to endure major hassles like referrals and delays in order to receive the needed mental health services. The clinics were sterile and impersonal. The patients reported that they felt they were numbers -- that no one cared -- they were “clients” standing in line, often desolate with nothing to lose. The transition to the medical office and to treating a chronic illness based on a doctor-patient relationship with a robust infrastructure to manage their pain, their social challenges of housing, employment, legal and educational needs, was a paradigm shift. He wanted his patients to have self worth and succeed in recovery. Dr. Farah saw how he could allocate the resources and make a difference. 


We provide comprehensive outpatient addiction medicine and integrated dual diagnosis and complex pain management services. The practice started with professionals and executives referred by physicians, pain clinics and regulatory agencies for evaluation and management of their dependency. With the attainment of OTP Certification (SAMHSA/CSAT), an influx of patients entered as transfers from methadone clinics. These patients sought services and care that was not provided at their prior clinics. Today, the majority of new patients are seeking more flexible and tailored alternatives to the overall management of their addiction problem. 


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